tesa® 4657 silver premium cloth tape 180°C

tesa® 4657 is a high grade acrylic coated cloth tapeprodukt.Více informací

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tesa® 4657 silver premium cloth tape 180°C

Product description
tesa® 4657 is a high grade acrylic coated cloth tape. It is based on a 145 mesh woven cotton fabric and a thermosetting natural rubber adhesive.
tesa® 4657 is a very resilient cloth tape often used for permanent hole covering in automotive applications and masking during industrial painting processes.

* removable without residues even after high temperature exposure
* very ageing-resistant (allowing for permanent applications)
* high resistance to paint solvents
* excellent tape for die-cuts, available as log roll with liner as tesa® 4657 PV9
* also available as low unwinding version tesa® 4657 PV 1
* available in 2 colors: black, grey

Main applications
* Heat resistant masking during the production of vehicles and machines
* Window flange masking
* Even repeated oven drying possible
* Permanent interior and exterior hole covering
* Covering of screw tap holes and drainage boreholes
* Partial masking during treatment with impregnating agents
* Fastening of flat cables e.g. on roof linings, door panels, mirrors
* Masking during electrostatic powder coating

Complies with LV 312-1 Dialectric strength.

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